video & lighting designer



Matt is pursuing his BFA in lighting design at CalArts. At a young age he became fascinated with graphic design and theater. Matt started out in theatrical lighting design for seven years during middle an high school. During his last year in high school he started to pursue lighting for concerts and nightlife. This resulted in busking lighting and video for Club Vinyl in Denver. This then lead Matt to revisit his love for graphic design through motion graphics and content design. Recently, Matt was a designer creating content for Logic’s Everybody’s US Tour 2017.

Matt started to experiment with motion graphics in 2012 by rendering things in Cinema 4D. Constant tinkering in the program lead to him to create videos that he would use for theatrical performances and concert events. Matt later created a library of VJ loops for himself and others to use as visuals for concerts and events.


Visual and motion graphic content. Created in a tiny box; projected across the world.

Matt designs and renders motion graphics for use as VJ loops and video content. From concept to final render pass, Matt is able to create and design stunning visual content.

Matt uses Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, and many more tools to create and deliver quality motion graphics and visual content for anything from stock content to live mixed visual content.

Lighting design is not a greyscale drafting. It’s a colorful representation and collaboration of different media.

Matt is able to create a design, create paperwork and a plot for that design, and then take that design into a pre-vis state. He is able to create looks and effects that go with any mood.

Utilizing VectorWorks, Cinema 4D, and Light Write to create a cohesive design.




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